At the right is a slideshow of cross country jumps and obstacles that have been decorated for use on cross-country courses. These are examples of mostly correct decor, or pictures showing the progress of how decoration is achieved and the attention paid to all aspects of the obstacle - groundline, sides and width indicators, and the back of the jumps.

Included are some educational photos showing decor that is incorrect as well.

All photos by Holly Covey, Copyright and All Rights Reserved, Do NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION

Links to assorted course design-related articles

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Course Design Education Page at (Portal to educational materials and updated news for course designers)

Also both organizations have extensive written materials on training and licensing of cross-country course designers and judges. Check the websites, search for "cross country".

FEI Cross Country Course Design Guidelines


2017 Course Design Guidelines(PDF) 2017

Frangible Pin Guidelines (PDF) 2010

British Eventing's Frangible Pin Installation Guide (PDF) 2013

​Building Portable Fences (PDF) 2009

M.I.M./Safety Clip New Era Information (PDF) 2016

Show Jumping Resources - Design List of Requirements 

Staking Portables (PDF) 2009

​Mini-Course Design Seminar outline, Maine Combined Training Association, 2003) - view courses from all over the world!


​2016 Course Design Clarification (PDF) 2016​​

Course Design and Cross Country Course Decor

Decoration Examples

This is a collection of information I've complied for my friends. If you have any questions, please contact me:

Marlborough Horse Trials

​Slideshow of several decorated obstacles on the newly redone Marlborough Horse Trials cross-country course at Rosaryville State Park, Upper Marlboro, MD. Course Designer John Williams, Organizer Donna Bottner. Sept. 2016.

COURSE DESIGN SEMINAR   Online Resources and Links

Jump Photo Pages


USEA Rulebook

USHJA Striding chart
United States Pony Club rules for Eventing 

(Horse Forum - Video) What Horses See When Jumping

(Evention TV - Videos) How To See The Perfect Distance, Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

​(St. Augustine Pony Club) Photos of Jump Course

​Examples of stadium rounds: Champion CCI** 2016 Stella Artois at Fair Hill

Lower level at Full Moon: ​​Daniel Clasing and Dickie

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