Brian's Jumps offers good quality schooling jumps for riders at home! All of our jumps are made so that one person can lift and move them, yet they are sturdy and built to last many years. We use treated wood for all surfaces that contact the ground or stand out in the weather.

We build custom jumps, and refurbish old jumps with rotten or broken components.


Brian - Call or text: (302) 382 9042 lv. msg.

Prices are listed on the PDF Catalog 


Jump Catalog  

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  • Schooling Standards in a 5-foot height
  • Wing Standards primarily 5-foot height, with many options for the wings - slanted slat, white lattice, or panel are our most popular
  • We can custom build standards to your height and width
  • We recommend KEYHOLE TRACK for ease of use, less confusion and safety (no sharp metal cups or pins to lose in the ring, etc.) They last LONGER than cups and make your courses very versatile, plus changing heights takes HALF the time. We can order and install keyhole track on any standard and also can order cups for your keyhole courses at additional cost.
  • Holes for standard cups can be drilled at a fee

Flower boxes: Unpainted or painted, drilled for holes for flower stems; we usually provide small feet on the ends of the boxes to prevent them from tipping over and getting your good silk flowers in the dirt, AND we also put lift-up handles in the middle so even the kids can lift them and carry them (generally 8 to 12 inches in height, 4 to 5 feet in length) 

10 ft. or 12 ft. Planks: call for price

Brush Boxes: call for price

Gates and Panels:

  • 10-foot or 12-foot width and any height
  • Can be made to match standards. Our Lattice Gate is very popular and very pretty.
  • These are lightweight but hang beautifully and dress up your jumps, yet are sturdy and will last.

Coops: we build slatted coops for ease of carrying or solid coops in sections 4 to 6 feet in width. Contact us for an estimate. Natural or painted. These are put together very well and will last for years outdoors.
Skinny Arrow: Built of treated wood for longevity, contact us for options

Stock colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Gray, Black, Yellow and White

​Do you need a WHOLE COURSE? Contact us for a Whole Course Discount

Custom jumps: walls, boxes, etc. contact us for an estimate; we can deliver, contact us for rates.


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